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NAS Herefordshire Branch

A branch of the National Autistic Society




There is a lot to be gained from becoming a member of the National Autistic Society.  


It is a great way to keep up to date with local events and information.


It is also a great way of making sure your voice is heard.  


To be a part of something big, to connect with others who understand, to learn you are not in this alone.



 Joining NAS Herefordshire Branch


Please fill a form in and email back to us




In addition to being a member of NAS Herefordshire Branch, you can also become a member of The National Autistic Society.  


 Joining the National Autistic Society (NAS)


Membership of the NAS gives you the support and strength of a national organisation, combined with the understanding of a close local network. The membership package is designed to offer you specific information, as well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest research and developments.  



By adding your voice, you strengthen the campaigns for the rights and entitlements of people affected by autism.



To join the NAS, you can call the NAS Supporter Care team on 0808 800 1050 or  




If you join the NAS, please nominate the Herefordshire Branch as your local branch and we will receive part of your membership fee to support our branch.  


Membership benefits include:


  •    Welcome pack with free Autism Alert card (worth £2.50) and a useful guide to our    services.  


  •    The award-winning Your Autism Magazine delivered quarterly    


  •    10% discount on all orders from the Publications catalogue    


  •    Discount on tickets to NAS conferences and events    


  •    Access to low cost Personal Liability and travel insurance products.



It is absolutely FREE to join NASHerefordshire Branch!


You can become a member by joining our mailing list or through our Facebook Group (or do both).




To join our Facebook Group, you first have to become a member of Facebook.


Once you have created a Facebook account, search for NAS Herefordshire Branch.







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